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This site offers a wide range of aquarium gear - from the smallest micro tanks to enormous centrepiece aquariums. There are all kinds of filters, lights and heaters, plus the wood, rock and live plants that make an aquarium look great and allow your fish to thrive. There is a wide range of foods: dried, frozen and live food (growing your own food is a great idea); plus specialised spawning equipment, for those that fancy attempting to raise some young fish. Look through the categories or type some keywords into the searchbox.

SMALL Striped Kuhli Loach Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish

1 unsexed Striped kuhli loach approximately 1 inch in size depending on current stock. CURRENT STOCK IS VERY SMALL We try size the fish as accurately as possible but size can vary so much depending on how long we have had the fish. Please ask if you need to know the current size. Most of the fish we sell are young juvenile fish, they may not look like the photos when they first arrive and  will need time to grow out before they are fully colored like the adult fish in the photos. Keep in mind... more

HMPK BeTtA FAnCyTiger Koi {Female}* TEXAS T
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